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In the early morning of December 6, 2006, fire destroyed the Connor residence beyond repair.  It was subsequently leveled as required by county engineers. Nautilus was asked both to rebuild the exterior of the home in the same manner as the original home so as to abide by strict townhouse regulations, but also to reconstruct creatively the interior to fit the needs and desires of the homeowners, a job which included adding an elevator and transforming an unusable trussed roof into 400 s.f. of useable attic space.  Also, per request, the first floor powder room was moved from its conspicuous and unappealing position opening directly into the living room to a more private location off a nearby stair landing.  The homeowners were very impressed with the process of Bob Lipovsky, Nautilus’ founder and owner, who “came with a very skilled architect to advise him on changes [they] wanted to make for [their] ‘dream house’!” They were also impressed with the “unqualified recommendations” from his recent clients.  “As the days of construction wore on, we became increasingly thankful for our choice…We realized [Nautilus] was a premium contractor! …Whatever our wishes or whims…none were too small for [their] attention.”
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